Controller for exhaust system of calculation and control of the central hub, as the core of the system of electronic components, its performance directly affects the stability of the whole system and the superiority. Tongan ( TONANN ) since its inception, has always been to the controller and the system structure of R & D for the first task, the development of A, B, C three series of fume hood controller, respectively, realizing polymorphism level exhaust, air exhaust and intelligent environment monitoring, meet the entry level and in the high-end demand. Tongan ( TONANN ) is committed to the inside of the controller algorithm and structure optimization, the ventilation cabinet for maximum performance; Tongan ( TONANN ) constantly introducing the most advanced display and input technology, to provide users with the perfect man-machine interface

VAV ventilation cabinet controller

VAV ventilation cabinet controller is based on the ventilation cabinet form opening, one man and other sensor information, automatic calculation of various data processing, output signal to control the exhaust valve, the closed-loop control strategy, maintaining ventilation cabinet constant surface wind speed, so as to achieve the standard of equipment and ensure the personal safety of the experiment. The controller also includes an alarm, manual forced air exhaust, RS-485 communications and other commonly used functions. The controller performs DIN 12924, EN 14175 and JG / T 222-2007 standard, using automatic ventilation strategies, input state changes in the rapid response mechanism, has the advantages of safety, energy saving. With the Tongan ( TONANN) with other products, composed of a sound, cost-effective B series exhaust system.


TCR2001S standard type VAV ventilation cabinet controller

TCR2001A enhanced VAV ventilation cabinet controller

Key parameters of the TCR2001SSurface wind speed control range: 0.15m / S - 1m / S ( 30 - 200fpm )Surface wind speed control accuracy: 0.1M / S ( 2fpm )Output voltage: 0 - 12V DCAlarm delay: 0 - 10sAdjustable analog input \ output port: 3 \ 3Digital input \ output port: 3 \ 3Communication: RS-485 protocol, RJ11Interface power supply: 135 - 250V, 44-60HzOperating temperature: 0 C ~ + 70 CStorage temperature: - 40 degrees to + 85 degrees C.Related links:> TCR2001S specification ( PDF download )> TCR2001A specification ( PDF download )> B series ventilation cabinet solution
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